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ROR stands for Ruby on Rails, and is a development and programming platform used by developers around the world. The ROR or Ruby on Rails development platform object oriented and general purpose scripting language, used to develop clean and high quality websites, as a result its very popular. The ROR programming platform uses HTML, CSS files as well as Java script, making it versatile as well.

The ROR development platform was originally developed in 1995, and is subsequently very well known amongst the programming and development community. This is also considered to be one of the best and most popular ‘server side web framework’.

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For any business working with experienced and knowledgeable professionals is not only a matter of choice, but also affects the time frames and costing of the project. We at VSARV have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable programmers and developers as a part of our team. Additionally, working with professionals who are knowledgeable, ensures that we save time and money for our clients.

Amazing Feaure of ROR

ROR or Ruby on Rails has some amazing features associated with it, and some of those are the fact that it enables developers to develop clean and high quality websites, which is essential. However, there are other features from a programmer’s perspective that also make this suitable for development. Some of the features that make it a good platform to use are; model view controller architecture, conventions over configurations paradigm, DRY or don’t repeat yourself which means codes don’t need to be written repeatedly and many more.

Due to the conveniences that Ruby on Rails offers it also enables programmers to develop faster, and at times many lines of code on other programs can be significantly reduced on ROR. It can and also generally does reduce programming time by up to 25% to 50%.

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