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There is a marked difference between content marketing and content writing, and we’ll explain that to you here. Content writing is the ability to write content related to any subject, the content can be informative or educative or even entertaining. However, content marketing is content written with a specific goal in mind, to convert your viewers and the reader of the content into a consumer. While many do not understand the difference, high performance websites designed and built by VSARV are high performance also because we understand content marketing.

With content marketing any business or professional can specifically target their consumer base and generate leads. In the world of business, there is nothing more valuable than leads as all business owners are aware. Typically, we at VSARV are amongst the few professional firms who are experts at developing some of the best content marketing strategies for our clients.

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There are few reasons why serious and professional businesses use the services of seasoned and knowledgeable professionals as well. This reason is nothing more than ‘results’, they desire results and not to waste their time and money. When working with a seasoned professional, a serious business person knows that they will get results, and this is what they require.

Amazing Feaure of Content Marketing

Content marketing makes a huge difference as compared to simply SEO optimized content. While it is necessary to optimize all content, it is also necessary for content to have a direction and objective to it. With content based marketing, we do also optimize the content from an SEO perspective; however the key focus of the content is conversion of the reader to a consumer for our clients.

Take for example a piece of content that the reader comes across that is informational, and educative, but offers no solutions. The next stage for that consumer would be to go searching for a solution provider once they have educated themselves. The objective is to convert that consumer on the spot so that they will then follow it up with the solutions also provided.

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