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What We Offer?

To better understand vsarv's offering check out the features under each tab Design, Create and Manage

Data Entry Services

Do you have enough data to enter in your system and need some basic team. then hire our basic and pro data entry team for your business hack. Hire Team

Marketing Research

Hire Marketing Research Team, they will help you with your new products launch, your business growth and many more. Team is Ready and hire them.

Cold Calling

Hire your cold calling team for your new sample size. Your team is ready, just hire them and start working for more business. Hire Virtual Assistant Cold calling team.

Appointment Gathering

Need Virtual Assistant to fix your appointment ? Hire over a call or mail. setup ready just need your approval to start work and your time line.

Admin Assistant

Hire Virtual Assistant for all your Business meet need. We have a team of skilled Virtual assistant from Data entry to High end Web Developer. Minimum contract and Best possible result. Hire VA

Executive Assistant

Looking for Virtual Executive Assistant, they you landed the right place, where you can find and shortlist the right VEA for your business meet. Hire the Expert VEA.

Data Analytics

Explore some of top Data Analysts through Vsarv. We have a team of skilled VA, who will help you to get most of information from your data. Hire skilled Data Analysts.

Data Clean and Validate

Hire our Data mining expert as your virtual assistant. They will manage your marketing data to support data in best way. You always need to work with updated date and maximize your business. Hire Data mining Expert.

Typing Assistant

Hire typing assistant. You can hire for PDF to word, Excel to other format. Our Typing assistant will give you the best support to type of documents where limitation start. Hire Typing Assistant.

Internet Research

Internet Research Assistant will play very important role in your business. They will filter your best possible right information to you, you will save your lots of time. your one hour cost is always hire then your VE one month cost. Hire Internet Research Assistant

Call Center Assistant

Setup and Hire your Call Center Assistant with us. Our Virtual Employee will provide you the Best in Class assistant for your call center and other inward and outward business support. Hire Call Center Expert.

Marketing Assistant

Hire Marketing Assistant Expert for your online and offline business. Your Marketing Virtual assistant will help you to grow your business in best possible way. Hire Expert.

Personal Assistant

As a personal assistant (PA) they will work closely with senior managerial or directorial staff to provide administrative support, usually on a one-to-one basis. Hire the Best Virtual Personal Assistant.

Realtor Assistant

You are in Real estate Business and Wants more appointment with your clients. No worries, our virtual assistant as your virtual employee will maximize your appointment and give your the best solutions. Hire Real Estate Virtual Agent.

Direct Sales Assistant

Boost your sale though strong direct sales team. We have a good VA team for your first sales representative. They will always brand your products and optimize sales in best way. Hire Direct sales expert.

Virtual SEO Assistant

SEO is one of the important factor for your online success. It is very important to be on the first page of Google, If you are not on the first page, you are not in business. Hire Virtual SEO expert.

VE Developer

Hire Virtual Assistant as Web Developer. You can find the expert of front end as well as back end. Through this way you will save lots of cost and always work with expert. Hire VA for Development.

Virtual PPC Assistant

Hire Virtual Assistant as PPC Expert. our VA will help you to grow your business in best way and setup your PPC campaign in optimize way. The Click rate will be go lower. Hire PPC Expert.

Account Assistant

Our Expert team of account assistant will help you to grow your business and manage your account in best way. They will help your from invoice to Balance sheet. you can hire then weekly or hourly basis. Hire Account Assistant


Hire Web master for your online business. Vsarv have good team of Web master, they will help you all the way to setup of web, email and all other port running smooth. Hire Web Master

Web Admin

Web admin is very important part of your online presence, The Best admin can save you from online glitches and keep you away from online clutter. Hire the Expert Web Admin through Vsarv.

Web Designer

If your Website is your story teller, then design is of-course a thousand word in single view. Never Compromise with web design always go for the best. The best will always return the best for your business. Hire Best web Designer expert.

Virtual Assistant


Thanks to the internet, desktop sharing, and VOIP, virtual assistants can tackle a wide variety of tasks from anywhere in the world for their clients. For example, phone calls can be rerouted easily to a virtual assistant after-hours or whenever you’re unavailable.

Many virtual assistants assist several different clients with a variety of services, such as invoicing, making travel arrangements, or doing research. Pay can be on a per project basis—hourly or fixed-price. If you need a virtual assistant longer term or on an ongoing basis, you may need to consult your HR partner or other advisor to verify the worker’s classification.

Virtual Assistant Work


With a variety of expertise, virtual assistants can handle almost any administrative project. There’s no limit to what virtual assistants can do for your business.

Administrative/Fielding Calls

Personal Assistant

Marketing Support

Professional Support

IT/Technical Support

Sales Support

Operational Tasks

Website Development Process


It’s important to remember that this is just a small sample of the services that virtual assistants can provide. From the highly specialized to the jack of all trades, there are likely several ideal professionals available for your specific project needs. Then again, it may be easier to hire several different virtual assistants to handle varying needs…the right balance can only be found through trial and error.

Packages For Any Budget

Pricing options for any company size and budget. Choose the best package for your company's requirements


40 Hours Free Trial

Min 160 Hours lockin

5 Expert Developers

5 Account Managers

5 Marketing Resources

5 Support Tickets




10 Qualified Designers

10 Expert Developers

10 Account Managers

10 Marketing Resources

10 Support Tickets

Best Value



15 Qualified Designers

15 Expert Developers

15 Account Managers

15 Marketing Resources

15 Support Tickets




20 Qualified Designers

20 Expert Developers

20 Account Managers

20 Marketing Resources

20 Support Tickets


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